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Buy or Sell Gold with Confidence: AGD Precious Metals Offers a More Honest Service in Adelaide

If you’ve ever thought about investing in gold, then you have probably heard your fair share of horror stories. An investor who bought thousands of dollars in gold, only to discover he got ripped off on a counterfeit product. A gold seller who got taken for a ride and sold her gold for a fraction of what it was worth. These types of people (as well as their tales of woe) are archetypes in the gold buying market.


Unfortunately, the gold market is always going to attract a few less-than-savoury characters. Luckily, though, it is possible to find gold buyers that follow a code of honesty and integrity. At AGD Precious Metals, one of our biggest priorities as a business is to be that kind of buyer. If we meet with a client in Adelaide who is selling gold, we want that person to know that we are going to offer them a fair market price for their assets.

Of course, any company can say that it is a beacon of integrity and honesty. At AGD Precious Metals, we put our money where our mouth is and build honesty right into our business processes. Say you need to sell gold in Adelaide. Though we are based in Melbourne, you can give us a call, and we will send our ‘on the road’ service to meet with you and appraise your gold.

Often these appraisal processes are plagued by obfuscation and poor communication. The gold ‘expert’ will either take the gold pieces into a back room to determine their value or will conduct the appraisal without providing any commentary for the seller. As a result, unless the seller is knowledgeable about gold and already knows the ballpark value of the piece, he or she can easily fall into a trap of selling for too little money.

At AGD Precious Metals, one of the most unique things about our business is our educational service. When you meet with us in Adelaide for gold selling purposes, we won’t take your gold elsewhere to do the appraisal. Instead, we will conduct the full valuation process right there in front of you so that you can watch our every step. More than just letting you watch, our appraisers will provide you with a play-by-play commentary of the process. They will explain the tests they are running, show you what percentage of your piece is actually and let you know the value of the piece based on current trading prices. By the end of the meeting, you will hopefully have both a pocket full of cash and a better understand of how gold valuation works.

Call AGD Precious Metals to Sell or Buy Gold in Adelaide

If you are looking to sell or buy gold in Adelaide, don’t put your trust in a company or merchant that doesn’t communicate with you. Instead, trust someone who is going to be honest, friendly and willing to explain every detail of the gold valuation process.

At AGD Precious Metals, we’ve heard all the gold trading horror stories—just like you have. We know all the traps that customers frequently face (and fall for) in this industry. The difference between us and some other vendors is that we don’t want you to fall into those traps ever again. To sell your gold and learn more about the gold buying process at the same time, give us a call on (03) 9650 1758.