Adelaide Gold Buyers

Looking to Buy or Sell Gold in Adelaide? Count on Our Mobile Gold Buyers in Adelaide

Do you have a store of gold that you would like to liquidate for cash? Are you considering buying gold as a short-term or long-term investment? No matter your goals and needs, AGD Precious Metals can help. Though we are based in Melbourne, we are also happy to sell or buy gold in Adelaide, Sydney or throughout Victoria. We have a mobile service that makes our gold stock and expertise accessible and convenient for interested clients.

What to Expect with Our Adelaide Gold Buyers

If you have gold to sell but haven’t been satisfied with the prices you’ve been quoted by other companies that buy gold in Adelaide, you can call us. At AGD Precious Metals, our gold buyers are on the road consistently, which means that we can bring our office to you. Instead of asking you to come to our location in Melbourne, we can meet you at your location of choice to test your gold.

As you know if you’ve ever sold gold before, the process involves a full analysis and a detailed report. We can look at your gold pieces and tell you what percentage of each is actually gold. During your mobile gold buying meeting, we can also tell you about the GST procedure and walk you through the rules and regulations of buying or selling precious metals in Australia. Last but not least, our Adelaide gold buyers will make a price offer for your gold based on its percentage, as well as several other factors.

One of the benefits of our mobile service is that you get to see the whole valuation process firsthand. Our buyers will walk you through the valuation process, explaining how they are calculating the percentage, how the current price of gold is affecting the value of your piece and more. By the end of your meeting, you can be sure that we are offering a fair market price for your gold.

Still, you are not obligated to sell your gold to us—even if you scheduled an appointment for us to come to Adelaide and buy gold from you. Just because we came to you does not mean you are required to make a transaction. You always have the right to refuse to sell your gold, right up until the moment you finalise your sale.

Buy Gold from AGD Precious Metals

If you are looking to buy, AGD Precious Metals can help you on that front. We trade in various precious metals—including gold, silver, coins and more. Based on your investment needs—how much money you have to spend, whether your investment is short term or long term, etc.—we can recommend the best precious metal purchase for you.

Are you interested in learning more about our services, or scheduling an ‘on the road’ meeting with one of our gold buyers in Adelaide? Call AGD Precious Metals on (03) 9650 1758 for additional details.