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Why You Should Invest in Gold (And Who You Should Call as Your Gold Dealers or Merchants in Adelaide)

Have you been burned by stock or real estate investments in the past? Are you looking for a more dependable place to put your money in the future? If so, look no further than gold as your next investment.

At AGD Precious Metals, our Adelaide gold dealers have spoken with many people over the years who came to gold almost as a ‘last resort.’ They were frustrated with other investment opportunities but hadn’t considered gold as an investment opportunity until they started reading about its benefits online.

The Benefits of Investing in Gold

Certainly, owning gold has many pronounced benefits for investors. Here are just a few of the biggest ones:

  • Gold has always been (and will always be) valuable: Look back through the pages of history, and you will see companies rise and fall. You will see the real estate market fluctuate wildly. You will see certain types of assets go in and out of vogue—their value changing along the way. What you won’t find is a time when gold hasn’t been valued and coveted. Gold has long been a symbol of wealth, and it still is today—even if it no longer backs currencies. As a result, you can sit down with Adelaide gold merchants and invest in gold today, with full knowledge that your asset will still be valuable tomorrow.
  • Gold protects you from inflation: As the money supply is inflated, your currency will gradually come to be worth less. $5,000 won’t have the same purchasing power in 10 years as it does today. The value of gold, though, rises with inflation. In other words, if you buy $5,000 of gold today, it will have roughly the same purchasing power in 10 years as it does now. As such, investing in gold can protect you and your purchasing power from the scourge of inflation.
  • Gold is safe from financial crises, unpredictable stock dips and other trends: Stocks are unpredictable. So are banks. Financial trends, in general, are tough to guess at and even more difficult to profit from in the form of financial investment. If you invest in a stock that later takes a dive, it loses you money. If a banking crisis or global financial crisis occurs, you could be affected by everything from inflation to wiped out retirement accounts. Gold offers stability in an unstable financial world.

Start Talking with Gold Merchants in Adelaide Today

Are you interested in taking advantage of the considerable benefits that investing in gold can provide? If so, AGD Precious Metals is here to help. Though we are based in Melbourne, our gold dealers travel to Adelaide frequently and are happy to arrange a time to meet with you. We can tell you more about the benefits of investing in gold and help you outline an investment option that works well for you.

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