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How much is your old gold jewellery worth? If you’ve decided it is time to sell your gold to take advantage of the high market gold prices as a way to get some extra money, you deserve to know as much as possible about the gold selling process to be sure you are getting the best deal. more


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Many economists agree that investing in currencies such as the dollar can be a risky venture when it comes to holding liquidity and protecting your assets. Because of this, more people have turned to tangible commodities such as precious metals, in the form of bullion or coins. more


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Whenever global markets appear to be in disarray, many people turn to gold as a way to stabilise their investment portfolios. The downside of this, however, are the large number of con artists and disreputable businesses which inevitably arise to walk away with as much of your hard-earned wealth as possible. more


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When something is compared to the highest quality possible, they compare it to gold, one of the world’s most valuable metals. Everybody knows gold by its brilliant and warm hue, and it is used to create awe-inspiring jewellery. more


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From watches to coins, gold is seen all over and stands as a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and class. Jewellery with a touch of gold will look beautiful for generations to come, but it cannot help you out of a troubling financial situation. more


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Our jewellery can be a lot more than the fine jewels and beautiful gold that adorn it. Jewellery has a way of carrying generations of sentiment and history with it. However, times can become daunting, and sometimes one must liquidate that resource so that they can help themselves out of a bad situation. more


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The precious metals industry is rife with problems concerning misinformation, but we believe that by standing together, we can protect everyone, both traders and the industry alike. By keeping a constant eye on things such as gold bullion prices and their various physical properties, you can keep yourself insulated from misinformation. more


Silver coin trading in Victoria

The precious metals industry is a complex, yet profitable entity that resists entry by those unwilling to put the time and effort to understand all the relevant issues. Gold and silver have always been valuable, but the market built around them has always been similarly volatile. more


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If you are selling Silver coins in Melbourne for the first time, it can feel overwhelming trying to get information. The price of gold fluctuates on a regular basis, which can make it challenging to know how to set the asking price. more


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When you decide to sell gold coins in Melbourne, you want to be able to feel confident making the sale. If it is your first time trying to sell gold coins in Melbourne, it can be hard to know where to start. You need to be aware of the current gold prices, so you do not end up selling the gold too cheaply. more


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Buy or Sell Gold with Confidence: AGD Precious Metals Offers a More Honest Service in Adelaide

If you’ve ever thought about investing in gold, then you have probably heard your fair share of horror stories. An investor who bought thousands of dollars in gold, only to discover he got ripped off on a counterfeit product. A gold seller who got taken …read more.

Buy 100% Pure Gold Bullion in Adelaide

If you are interested in investing in gold and want to make sure your money goes as far as possible, then pure gold bullion is the only way to buy. The question is, where can you buy pure gold bullion in Adelaide …read more.

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Maybe you’ve seen those daytime TV ads for people who want to sell their gold coins and other examples of this precious metal, but you’re a bit wary. That’s natural—in fact, you probably should be. The fact is that you should never sell your gold to …read more.

Need Professional Help Handling Gold and Silver Coins in Adelaide?

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Trying to Buy or Sell Gold and Silver in Adelaide? We Can Help!

Do you know what the price of gold in Australia is currently? How about silver? Chances are, that’s not information you can access off the top of your head (for the record, gold is currently $1602.65 per oz whereas silver is $22.68 at the time …read more.

Hey, Brisbane Gold Buyers—Need a Better Way to Buy?

Let’s talk about buying gold as an investment vehicle for a second. In recent years all kinds of people have started to argue about the viability of gold as a serious investment, and the question has appeared in publications from the well known …read more.

These Trusted Merchants Can be Your Next Brisbane Gold Dealers

Most people wouldn’t try to buy or sell a car without doing their research first. Any time you’re talking about spending significant amounts of money, you want to make sure that the business you’re doing is set up to go smoothly. Now let’s talk about a …read more.

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Have you ever stopped to consider just how many applications there are for gold? Beyond simply looking beautiful as jewellery or in coinage, gold has a wide range of uses in many industries. From computer circuit boards and plating on wire …read more.

Receive Practical and Honest Advice Before You Buy or Sell Gold Coins in Brisbane

Do you have a love for numismatics? In other words, does the sight of gold coinage make you smile? Whether you enjoy collecting gold coins for their commemorative aspects or simply because they hold their value exceptionally well, expanding your …read more.

Three Reasons to Make an Investment in Gold Bullion in Brisbane

While no one knows what tomorrow will hold, that doesn’t mean we can’t make preparations for the future on the horizon. One of the most important tasks we can carry out in that capacity is to make investments for financial security. In the …read more.

Why Come to AGD Precious Metals to Buy and Sell Precious Coins in Brisbane?

For those interested in buying and holding on to gold coins as an investment, there is no part of the process more important than “doing your homework.” Whether you are just beginning to build up a collection or you are looking to buy and sell coins in …read more.

What You Should Know Before Selling Gold or Silver Coins in Brisbane

The gleam of a gold or silver coin in its protective case is beautiful to behold for more reasons than simply its natural allure. It’s also a sight that can provide one with peace of mind because you know it is an excellent store of value that you can …read more.

Trying to Buy or Sell Silver and Gold in Brisbane? Find the Help You Need

Precious metals of any kind can be good investments, but like any investments they need to be managed. This is especially tricky in the cases of silver and gold, which both belong to a heavily regulated industry. That means there can be a lot of …read more.

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Gold is often called one of the most liquid assets available to new investors. With low spreads and volatility, and a consistently high number of both bid and ask offers, gold can be an excellent addition to any long-term investment portfolio. If you’re …read more.

Curious About Gold Dealers? Here’s What You Need to Know about Merchants in Sydney:

You might have heard various things about gold dealers over the years. Some gold dealers have excellent reputations and are known for the quality of their service, while others are notorious for being shady and difficult. How do you avoid a …read more.

Looking for Gold Traders? Find Your Sellers in Sydney

You can never be too careful when finding people to buy or sell your gold. That might not sound like an accurate statement at first—after all, aren’t there places offering cash for gold all over the country? That’s true, but it’s not necessarily a good …read more.

Buy and Sell Gold Coins in Sydney and Reap the Rewards

If you want to sell gold coins in Sydney, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do it. Whether or not you should follow most of them, though, is something to consider carefully. While it’s true that there’s no shortage of opportunities to sell out …read more.

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If you decide to get into the game of precious metals investing, one of the first things you will notice is that the physical gold and silver assets can take on many different forms. When most of us think about owning gold, we envision a shelf full …read more.

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When it comes to investing in precious metals, one of the first (and most important) questions you need to ask yourself is whether you are shooting for a long-term or short-term investment cycle. Before you buy silver in Sydney or start purchasing gold …read more.

For Long-Term and Short-Term Investors Alike, Our Live Gold Price App Is a Must-Have Tool

When you start planning your precious metal investments, how can you know that you are ‘buying low and selling high,’ as the old investing mantra encourages you to do? With the AGD Precious Metals mobile application, the answer …read more.