Brisbane Gold Bullion

Three Reasons to Make an Investment in Gold Bullion in Brisbane

While no one knows what tomorrow will hold, that doesn’t mean we can’t make preparations for the future on the horizon. One of the most important tasks we can carry out in that capacity is to make investments for financial security. In the volatile economy of today’s world, though, choosing the right areas in which you or your business should invest is often tricky. Why not consider one of the most traditional and stable investments found throughout human history? You could invest in gold bullion in Brisbane for both the short term and the long term, based on your particular needs and strategies.

How does one even buy bullion in Brisbane? With AGD Precious Metals, your business can move funds into gold with both ease and confidence. Because of a tax office ruling, your bullion purchases are not subject to GST due to an exemption for precious metals. This simplifies the process for beginning your foray into gold investments. AGD also happily helps our clients navigate the legalities and paperwork involved with bullion investments.

Before you call us to begin, though, perhaps you have more questions. For example, why choose gold at all? What are its benefits? Let’s take a quick look at three reasons it can be a smart investment for you.

Know the facts about bullion in Brisbane

First and foremost, gold holds its value extraordinarily well. The fact that it has been prized throughout history is evidence of that fact. Inflation tends to drive up the value of gold, rather than diminishing its purchasing power. That makes bullion especially desirable for long-term investors.

Next, it offers an opportunity to diversify your investments. Based on how it holds value and its commodity status, gold offers a solid foundation for your portfolio. While stocks and bonds can sometimes take a hammering from the market, gold often remains strong through this turmoil. It’s a solid way to keep your assets safe.

Last, it’s a very liquid investment. Should you need to divest your bullion holdings, doing so is less challenging than selling something like real estate. AGD Precious Metals can facilitate both your initial purchase as well as a later sale of gold bullion.

Contact Australian Gold Buyers to discuss a purchase today

Our staff would be happy to further discuss any of these points or answer any other questions you have as well. With a road team ready to come to you in Brisbane for a bullion sale, you can secure your investment as soon as you are ready. Plus, with a tax ruling for our particular bullion branding, you can make your purchase tax-free. What better way to begin an investment? Keep a close eye on the market and live pricing for gold through our app, available from both the Play store and the Apple App Store as AGD Precious Metals (AGD) Precious Metals. Whether you want to lock in a price or you have questions about your options, you can reach us on (03) 9650 1758 during normal trading hours, Monday through Friday.