Stay knowledgeable on gold bullion in Victoria

The precious metals industry is rife with problems concerning misinformation, but we believe that by standing together, we can protect everyone, both traders and the industry alike. By keeping a constant eye on things such as gold bullion prices and their various physical properties, you can keep yourself insulated from misinformation. To keep up with the industry and ever-changing prices, you need to be involved and knowledgeable in your analyses of the industry. It will be these careful studies and information that will provide greater security for your company and lead to greater success and profits. However, juggling all this information is no easy task. Luckily, you have someone in the industry that can help you through the plethora of information and keep you safe and profitable with your business.


Australian Gold Dealers (AGD) Precious Metals is a Melbourne-based company working in the precious metals industry, operating for three years. We provide high levels of experience, economic savvy and a set of indispensable tools for our clients to use in trading their gold bullions in Victoria. We dedicate ourselves to our relationships with our clients, and we know that blanket solutions do little to stoke efficiency and productivity with our partners, so our customer relationships are essential. With us, we’ll give you a detailed analysis of your business and provide a solution that caters to your needs and your requirements. Some of the tools and services we’ve developed for our clients include calculators for gold bullion in Victoria and an on-the-road service that keeps us mobile when you need us to be. These tools also extend to other precious metals such as platinum, silver, and rare coins.


Use our app to stay updated on gold bullion prices in Victoria


AGD Precious Metals was the first company in the industry to develop an application, specifically tailored to our customers and partners. If you have a bountiful stash of gold bullion in Victoria, you should consider downloading our AGD Precious Metals app. With our app, you’ll have access to real-time gold prices on the scale of days, months, years, five year periods and even ten year periods. Our app displays up to the minute price updates so that you can stay informed and make your trades quickly and profitably.


Take advantage of our gold bullion


Our Victoria gold bullions are amongst the highest quality and purity in Victoria, making it GST exempted. With such high quality, you can secure your investment due to its purity and can trade this gold bullion in Dubai, Europe, and Turkey. With gold coinage, we have a professional in numismatics that can offer helpful insight on all types of coinage to our offices. As with our numismatist, we are a group of industry masters that have over 15 years of knowledge to help you with your business.


We dedicate ourselves to honesty and transparency in all our transactions, so we keep clear and careful documentation with all our gold bullion exchanges. With proper documentation, we can educate and inform our clients and keep them prepared for any situation that might come up. If you’re looking to buy gold, you may also take advantage of our stock; on the rare chance we may not have it on hand, we can readily buy it for you and keep you informed.