Get Professional Guidance Selling Gold Coins in Melbourne

When you decide to sell gold coins in Melbourne, you want to be able to feel confident making the sale. If it is your first time trying to sell gold coins in Melbourne, it can be hard to know where to start. You need to be aware of the current gold prices, so you do not end up selling the gold too cheaply. You want the professional buyer to work with you so that you understand what is going on. You want to walk away from the sale satisfied, not wondering if the buyer took advantage of your inexperience.


Visit Australian Gold Dealers in Melbourne to sell your gold coin. We will work with you to negotiate a sale that satisfies everyone in involved.


A Convenient Way in Melbourne to Sell Gold Coins.

Call in to our location for a relaxed selling process. You can bring your item up to our window or choose a more private option. We maintain private meeting rooms where you can sit down with our staff, helping you feel more relaxed and less rushed while holding a conversation about your coins. We want you to feel listened to and taken care of, so we are happy taking the time in a private meeting room.


There’s no need for concern if you do not live in Melbourne. We operate an on-the-road team which travels within Victoria, Adelaide, and Sydney. We can come to you and hold a meeting. Just call us, and we can figure out a convenient meeting point. Bring your gold coin along, and we will take care of the rest. We can test and process on site and process the sale on the spot if you are ready to sell. We travel on a weekly basis, so you can be sure to schedule a time that best fits into your busy schedule.


Transparency When You Sell Your Gold Coin in Melbourne

At Australian Gold Dealers, we value transparency and fairness above all else. Sellers should always feel confident about the sale. If you have any hesitations, please bring them up with our staff. We are happy to take the time talking with you to make sure you are satisfied with the sale.


We believe sellers should equip themselves with the information they need to sell their gold coin in Melbourne, which is why we are the first company to develop a dedicated app for the consumer. Our free app gives you real-time data on current gold coin prices. You can even see historical data on the prices and look at different trends throughout history. Use the live gold pricing feature to help set your ideal asking price for your gold coin.


When you bring in your coin to us, we walk you through the selling process. We use monitoring procedures to help make sure you understand the rules and regulations of the industry. We teach you about the industry and guide you to making the best sale possible for you, not our bottom line.