See How Gold Merchants in Melbourne Can Get Your Coin Investment Started

Many economists agree that investing in currencies such as the dollar can be a risky venture when it comes to holding liquidity and protecting your assets. Because of this, more people have turned to tangible commodities such as precious metals, in the form of bullion or coins. However, this is not necessarily the easiest route for novice investors, which is why a Melbourne gold merchant with years of experience such as Australian Gold Dealers can help get you started on the right path.


Tips for Buying and Investing in Gold Coins

Gold is an ideal investment choice in that it offers protection against inflation, global economic instability, and currency debasement. Whenever analysts point to potential volatility in the markets, interest in gold investment naturally surges. However, this is not to say that investing in gold, including gold coins, is risk-free. Before you start buying gold coins, there are a few things you should keep in mind.


Australian Gold Kangaroo Coins and Australian Gold Rooster Coins are two popular choices for investment. These have high gold purity and are easy to buy and sell to any gold merchant in Melbourne or elsewhere, yet you have other options available as well, including international coins or silver coins. You can store coins such as these in a safety deposit box at home or a bank.


So why coins? Coins tend to better match the so-called gold spot price, which is why they are so attractive to some investors. This helps you to avoid significant premiums which will make it harder for you to make a profit off your investment.


The downside of investing in gold coins, however, is that they are not intended to for a quick trade. Most financial advisors will suggest you hold on to them for a minimum of three years. Another potential drawback is that most Melbourne gold merchants will not accept credit cards for purchase. With these points in mind, you should consider speaking with one of Australian Gold Dealers’ gold merchants in Melbourne before starting your coin investment.


How a Gold Merchant in Melbourne Can Help

Our Melbourne gold merchants have over 15 years’ worth of industry experience and can help guide you toward the best investment for your portfolio. In addition to coins, we sell both nuggets and bullion, as well as jewellery. We provide full paperwork for all gold investments. We can also order rare or speciality coins if we do not already have them in stock.


We are also licensed to purchase second hand goods, so we can buy your coins and old gold jewellery as well for a fair price, offering you a full and detailed report outlining the entire process. We also work with you to lock in the best possible price for trading.


With so many comprehensive services available for potential investors, there’s no better time than now to visit Australian Gold Dealers to speak with a Melbourne gold merchant. Visit us to see how we can help secure your future today.