Silver coin trading in Victoria

The precious metals industry is a complex, yet profitable entity that resists entry by those unwilling to put the time and effort to understand all the relevant issues. Gold and silver have always been valuable, but the market built around them has always been similarly volatile. The price of silver distinguishes itself from gold for its dependence on perceived value in the form of silver coins and its ubiquitous presence as an industrial metal, as seen in batteries, superconductors, and circuits. The combined effect on silver price is increased volatility compared to gold, which also means increased complexity regarding proper and profitable trading. It can be incredibly daunting to try to keep track of all this information on top of the proper rules and regulations concerning silver, but we believe that we have the knowledge to keep you and your business profitable in the face of market volatility.


We are Australian Gold Dealers Precious Metals (AGD), and we have been a leader in the precious metals industry since 2014. Our time in the industry has been spent developing a refined standard and quality of customer service in Victoria, including in silver coins that are rare to find. We can assure our clients of the benefits of a close working relationship with AGD Precious Metals. By developing close relationships with our clientele and their businesses, we can elevate them to a higher level with sophisticated analyses and consultation on their business models. In fact, our mission at AGD Precious Metals is to service our partners for the long term and create value and quality for them. We help our clients by monitoring their transactions and ensuring that all the regulatory paperwork follows the necessary rules for silver coin investment in Victoria.


Keep a pulse on the Victoria silver coin market status with our app


One of the distinguishing factors of our company is our app aimed at jewellers and the public. We have an application which can display a summary of gold, silver and platinum prices in real time. Our app updates up-to-the-minute price fluctuations, with up to 10 years of historical data for trading insight. You may even view trends on daily, monthly and yearly scales to keep yourself regularly informed on the prices of your silver coins in Victoria. With the constant influx of information, you can lock in the price you want during trading.


Make your silver pieces work for you


Along with our app, our comprehensive suite of services can keep you constantly prepared for any Victoria silver coin transactions you wish to make so that you can exceed in the industry just as we have. We can take in your broken or unwanted silver jewellery or coins, and we also sell them as well. Even if your pieces are damaged or scuffed, we make fair evaluations based on silver content and weight, not appearance. Our state of the art technology can perform precise measurements on your pieces, ensuring that what you get is what you deserve. With careful documentation made at every step of our processes, you can stay informed and engaged in the process, so that you can make proper at every stage.