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Gold is often called one of the most liquid assets available to new investors. With low spreads and volatility, and a consistently high number of both bid and ask offers, gold can be an excellent addition to any long-term investment portfolio. If you’re considering making an investment in gold though, you’ll want to exercise a bit of caution with regards to how you do it. There are different ways to buy gold in Sydney, and they aren’t all equally good investment strategies.

Some people will tell you to invest in paper gold certificates, which are pretty much exactly what they sound like. Paper certificates say that you own gold, but they don’t actually put it into your possession. Why does this matter? Because the specific conditions of ownership with paper gold certificates can be a little complicated, and potentially misleading to investors who aren’t accustomed to always reading the fine print. If you have a place to store your gold, it’s usually a much safer idea to simply buy gold bullion. What you’ll need is to enlist the help of some quality Sydney gold buyers.

Gold buyers will be able to find gold bullion for you at current market prices and take care of all the official paperwork that needs to be filled out to transfer ownership of this precious metal. As long as you choose a dealer whose ethics and practices are beyond reproach, you should find that working with gold buyers in Sydney is one of the most secure ways to invest in gold across the board. It helps if the company you choose can provide you with the tools you’ll need to make smart investment choices. That’s what makes Australian Gold Buyers an excellent option.

Australian Gold Buyers has a team with over 15 years cumulative experience in the precious metals trade, and our approach is all about putting buying power in the hands of our clients. That’s why we provide accurate and honest service, and use special tools to help you get the most out of your investments—like our AGD Precious Metals smartphone app.

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With Australian Gold Buyers, you’ve always got access to the market in real-time. That’s because we’ve put some of the best features of dealing with our company into a handy app that you can access from your mobile device at any time. Use the Precious Metals app to see current prices, view trends and historical data, and make your bids instantaneously. With access to some of the world’s best gold markets, this innovation puts us on the front lines of the precious metals trade—and makes it easy for you to join us there.

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If you’re trying to buy gold at an opportune moment, you’ll want to have an eye on the market at all times. Gold is stable in the long run, after all, but prices vary considerably over short periods of time. Call AGD now or download our app—there’s no time to waste.